I’m a photographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I take unposed photographs of interactions between people and their everyday surroundings.
I like how an apparently everyday moment can become a short story when photographed.
How a non–scripted moment looks that odd, meaningful, beautiful or funny that it looks scripted. But it isn't. I am thrilled when I succeed in doing this.

This tumblr page is more or less a mirror of my Flickr page.
I tweet mostly selfpromotion hotchpotch here.
Of course there is a Facebook page.
And I'm on Instagram too.

You can find my portfolio at casparclaasen.com

I'm a founder and member of ECHIE, a Dutch photography collective.

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    I couldn’t resist…


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  9. Photography collective ECHIE, of which I am part of, just released their Spring/summer collection 2014.


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  13. The Street Photographer’s Manual – David Gibson

    Received my copy of David Gibson’s The Street Photographer’s Manual and it’s a delightful book, both the photos and the copy. Obligatory and wonderful study material. And of course I’m thrilled to be featured in it.

    Available at your local photobook store.
    Or here: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0500291306


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